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According to Atlantic British, the height of a P38 in standard ride height with stock tires measured from the ground to the top of the wheel well is 31-3/4" in the front, and 32" in the rear. With the OME 761 PS in front + 15 mm of trim packers and 781 PS in the rear, I measured 34-7/8" front and 35-3/4" in rear, with stock tires.

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Deep-well motors (up to 150 feet) with higher quality materials like cast iron will have a rough cost of between $675 to $745. Jet pumps come in cast iron, stainless steel, carbon ceramic and thermoplastic. Most jet pump motors range from between one-half and two horsepower.Our Deep Well MegaBlock® is ideal for the long-term storage of samples and fulfils all important requirements with regard to the various possible applications in cell culture, pharmaceutics and molecular biology.

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Feb 19, 2011 · Going to try adding another trim packer to my driver side front coil. Most of my lean seems to be from the rear but jacking up the rear passenger side proves some is probably in the front end also. As for the rear lean I need to figure out how I want to handle it. Can I even use a flat shim when I'm looking at getting a pinion angle shim as well. Conduit

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The DMT packer is a kind of single hole, barrel slip, retrievable packer which can be set by special setting tool and released by special retrieving tool..... ¥ 0.00 DH-2 Hydraulic Setting Retrievable Packer The deep well Packer package includes the packer body, nozzle, venturi (diffuser) and a built-in check valve. The Packer system also requires a packer adapter on the wellhead. Please note that deep well systems require a pressure control valve.

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Simer 2 Vrt Offset Casing Adpt . In Stock. Includes hardware and seals needed to attach to your well casing. Key features: Ready-to-Mount on well casing. 90 day limited warranty.