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eyeOS is an open source web desktop following the cloud computing concept. It is mainly written in PHP, XML, and Javascript. It acts as a platform for web applications written using the eyeOS Toolkit. It includes a Desktop environment with 67 applications and system utilities. Although Microsoft and Oracle doubted Salesforce, it managed to establish itself as a platform dedicated to delivering business applications. They must have done something right because the company now has over 100,000 customers. 9. Rackspace. Together with NASA, Rackspace launched OpenStack which was one of the biggest game-changers in cloud ...

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The purpose is to facilitate the passage of these to work in the cloud. Other new features this version will synchronize local files with eyeOS, opening local applications from the desktop to share files via Web or URL, breaking the barrier between the work they are accustomed to local employees and the advantages of Internet and Cloud Computing.

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eyeOS viene por defecto con las aplicaciones necesarias para crear y trabajar con archivos de Office (con un procesador de textos), calendario, correo electrónico, (con el apoyo POP3/IMAP) y mucho más. eyeOS pretende ser un conjunto muy estable para el trabajo en línea cómoda, tanto individualmente como con otros usuarios de forma simultánea.

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I have two internal sites. I'm trying to show one's content in the iframe of the other site. However I'm getting this message: "This content cannot be displayed in a frame." I've read the reason... Nov 26, 2017 · This is a social Networking Portal, intended to serve its members with lots of Applications like Media Portal, Contacts Manager, SMS, Fax, Paint, Photoshop Capable apps, Card Generators, Chat server, games etc etc. it hosts around 30 Applications for users and is designed with the technologies (PHP, CSharp, Visual Basic, ASP.net, Phalanger, Python SDK, Ruby, Javascript and Java SDK) keep in mind. the Dashboard serves the purposes of the applications like :-

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Jul 06, 2011 · Application- > it consists of all the apps available in eyeOS like... Calender, file manager, Calculator, Chat, Notepad i must tell u the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is really good in eyeOS and personally i loved the calculator and calender a lot! (i know all calcu. and calenders are same but i loved them in eyeOS xD) Files-