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May possess a special talent or gift (e.g., musical, dramatic, artistic) Has varied, deep interests and a passion to learn about these topics Engages in self-selected “projects” and uses leisure time in ways unusual for a child of his/her age Many GT/LD students have special talents or gifts that emerge when nurtured.

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life skills: Any personal ability that helps an individual to cope with people, problems, situational changes, or stress. Life skills include adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, decision making; emotional intelligence, listening, negotiation, relationship building, and self-awareness.

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Taking an online course in special education may inspire you to pursue a career as a special education teacher, or the class may be Most students who take the course are likely to work towards an educational career in some capacity, but learning teaching skills is also an immensely valuable...

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Secretary DeVos Announces New Funding to Accelerate Education Innovation and Empower Teachers with Professional Development Options Department of Education Announces Joint Final Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Organizations in Department-Supported Social Service Programs Jul 19, 2018 · Learning life skills at a younger age may help people with special needs be more successful later in life. Students With Special Needs Need Exceptional Teachers Our master's degree in Special Education, K-6 will enhance your understanding of trends and issues in the education of students in kindergarten through sixth grade who have cognitive ...

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Independent Living Skills Checklist. SLEEPING Goes to bed at appropriate times Wakes self in the morning Sets and uses an alarm clock