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The Intel DPDK with VMware vSphere solution can be used to rapidly migrate legacy applications from non-virtualized, dedicated proprietary hardware to high performance, high throughput, and highly efficient cloud-ready environments. Intel DPDK based optimization for high performance; Support for different virtualization architectures (LXC/Para/Full Virtualization) Support for different virtual environments (VMware/KVM/Xen) VNF MANO. Design and development of FCAPS and VNF lifecycle management framework; Develop VNF packages for a service deployment

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Mellanox has continually improved DPDK Poll Mode Driver (PMD) performance and functionality through multiple generations of ConnectX-3 Pro, ConnectX-4, ConnectX-4 Lx, and ConnectX-5 NICs.See full list on

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DPDK IPsec: a scalable high performance library for your IPsec application: Fan Zhang & Cunming Liang, Intel 10:05 CST DPDK Slab Allocator and applied it to zero-copy stack: Yijun Hou, Alibaba Subject: [dpdk-dev] DPDK QoS performance issue in DPDK 1.4.1. Hello, everyone! I have a question about DPDK's QoS Library performance. These days, I am tesing DPDK's QoS Library performance using the DPDK example, qos_sched. Before I try to do the test, I modified profile.cfg.

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Sep 07, 2015 · The perf results directory has the ovs-dpdk perf for all the use-cases in the dataplane performance pdf that you might be interested in. Has use-cases covering up to 11VM or 11 containers with 11 IP flows to measure dataplane performance.