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See the mental ray for Maya architectural shaders guide for more information regarding the mia_material / mia_material_x shader attributes. For a list of mia_material attributes and their corresponding parameter in mental ray, refer to the following table.

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Supports Custom HLSL Shaders and has a few built in ones. Supports up to 8 Light sources at the same time. AI system with pathfinding and fuzzy logic; Physics with particle physics, collision detection and raycasting; Optimized with Backface Culling, View Frustum Culling and Spatial Partitioning In the Shader Editor, add the node by going to Add / Group / CGC Eevee Glass Make sure both the Blend Mode and the Shadow Mode for the material are set to Alpha Hashed Make sure that Backface Culling is off and that the Refraction Depth is set to 0.

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Probably due to backface culling. This is normal as Unity as this feature on by default. Either you go back on a 3D model and create the other face of the object, or you ned to add a shader that removes backface culling. See the shader in this page called ReverseBackfaces.

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Also handled transparency and backface culling issues. More stable than both Maya's CgFX plugin and Feeling's Collada 1.4. - Investigated and provided support for the studio's Maya upgrades, first from Maya 7.0 to 2008 and later from 2008 to 2009-- Upgrade from Maya 7.0 to 2008 included switching from Maya's CgFX shader to custom CgFX shader.

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In LibGDX the GPU part (the combination of vertex shader and fragment shader) is called a ShaderProgram. And a Shader is the combination of both the CPU and GPU part. Most commonly a Shader uses a ShaderProgram, but it doesn't have to (e.g. in case of OpenGL ES 1.x).